With WTF and Pizza Hut #sabesque you can afford dinner

Medium pizzas for just €6.95

Up to 2 ingredients, exclusive to Table Service and Take Away.

Do you eat a whole one or share with the bestie? Will you let bae steal a slice?

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Campaign conditions
  • Offer valid for all WTF customers covered by the promotion, whose card is duly active;
  • Offer granted via promotional codes and valid for as long as the renewal of the WTF monthly fee is guaranteed;
  • Promo codes can be requested from the Saucy tab of the WTF App;
  • Codes assigned individually to each customer, for use by that customer only;
  • For more information see here: https://www.pizzahut.pt/wtf
  • Each code corresponds to a discount of a medium pizza for just €6.95, up to 2 ingredients, exclusively at Table Service and Take Away.
  • These conditions do not replace Pizza Hut's own terms and conditions and Pizza Hut reserves the right to change the conditions described without prior notice.
Is my WTF tariff eligible for the campaign?

Check in your WTF app, in the saucy tab, if your tariff is covered by the promotion. Remember that you must always pay your monthly fee on time.

How do I access the promo code?

In the WTF app, go to the Saucy tab to get your code, you can then look it up in Wallet or ask for it to be sent by SMS.

What discount does the WTF code give?

WTF is giving you Medium Pizzas for just €6.95 (up to 2 ingredients) each, until July 31, 2022, exclusively for Table Service, Take Away and Counter Service by the Slice.

Where can I see the conditions?

See here: https://www.pizzahut.pt/wtf

Where should I show the WTF code?

The code must be presented to the employee in charge of service before the start of the meal at the participating Pizza Hut restaurant.

How many codes can I order per month and how long are they valid for?

You can request 1 code per month, valid for the month itself. For example, if you request it on October 14, you have until October 31 to use it. In November, you can request more codes to use until the end of November.

I've lost the code I ordered, how can I get it back?

Don't stress! Just go to Wallet and your code will be there.

All your friends will want to...

If you're not WTF yet, order your card here and don't forget: the code is yours.

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