Can't you walk around without counting pennies?

Where do you want to go?

If you're WTF, you go everywhere with discounts. Don't be a boy, take an Uber. Enjoy until October 31st.

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Go to the WTF app

If you're already an Uber customer, you get 50% off one trip per month (up to €2.50). Open the WTF app in the Saucy tab and ask for the code.

Open the Uber app

Then just go to the Uber app, enter the code and go. Imagine you're going for a ride that costs €5, we'll give you €2.50.

Check out the WTF app

Ask for the code on the Saucy tab. You get €12 off (€6 + €6 for the first two trips).

Open the Uber app

Then go to the Uber app and enter the code. Use it first and only then will you get the discount.

Add a card

Don't forget to enter a valid credit card or Paypal account.

Uber or mommy?
/// APP WTF /// Get your code in the app and spin around without counting change
Campaign conditions

- Offer valid for all WTF customers covered by the promotion, whose card is duly active;

- Offer awarded via promotional codes;

- Promotional codes can be requested in the Saucy tab of the WTF app;

- Codes assigned individually to each customer, for use by that customer only;

- Each code corresponds to a maximum offer of €2.5, equivalent to 50% of a €5 trip OR a maximum offer of €12 off (€6 + €6 for the first two trips), from the moment you become an Uber customer;

- Maximum offer of €2.5 off one trip per month (€2.5 x 1 trip). For new Uber users, an additional €12 off (€6 + €6 for the first two rides);

- Additional vouchers can be awarded at promotional times;

- Offer valid for as long as the renewal of the WTF monthly fee is guaranteed;

- Each code is valid until the end of the month in which it is requested;

- Codes valid for trips in locations where Uber operates;

- These conditions do not replace Uber's own terms and conditions, particularly with regard to the provision of its services.

You go to all of them with a full pocket

If you're not WTF yet, ask for your card and take Uber rides for half the price

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